How to lose an election: The night the lights went out on the Democrats in Congress

With apologies to Vickie Lawrence, this was the day after, the night the lights went out in the Senate for the Democrats.

The mid-term 2014 Elections are now history, and Tom Pace invited some very high-profile guests to Studio 3A at the Promise 90.7FM, for an old-fashioned, roundtable discussion about politics.

Successfully re-elected to another two-year term, 4th District Cong. John Fleming was live on the Mewsmaker Hotline with his analysis of the Republicans taking control opf the U.S. Senate.

Caddo Supreme Court Justice-Elect Scott Crichton weighed-in with some powerful comments about the abysmally low voter turnout.(According to Secretary of State Tom Schedler, only half of the state’s registered voters actually cast ballots.)

While Chairman of the Caddo Republican Executive Committee, Louis R. Avallone was happy for the GOP win, he cautioned there’s still work to do in order to right this ship of state.