‘Freedom Guard Now’ Atty. Mike Johnson on State District Court Judge Ruling Same-Sex Marriage Law is Unconstitutional

Bossier City attorney and partner in the law firm ‘Freedom Guard Now’, (www.freedomguardnow.org), Mike Johnson was the ‘Newsmaker of the Day’ and commented on the recent ruling by a Louisiana District Court judge, who said that the Louisiana state law prohibiting same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.

Johnson, who successfully argued for Louisiana in the State Supreme Court that upheld the “one man-one woman” law passed the voters in 2004…more recently won a similar case tried in federal court in New Orleans.

Saying that this ruling would ultimately be set aside while other litigation was ongoing, Johnson gave his opinion to “Talk of the Town” radio host Tom Pace during a September 23rd, 2014 live Newsmaker Hotline intervie on The Promise 90.7FM.