EXCLUSIVE: SPD Chief Crump gives ACTUAL numbers of officers in the field: 287 patrol, assisted by 100 others including lieutenants, CRU, sergeants, K-9, CLO’s & more: Tom Pace reports 7-24-18

SPD Chief Alan Crump released the department’s Q2 crime stats, which showed a decrease overall from a year ago in all types of crimes, including residential, burglary, robbery, and rapes.

However, Chief Crump was quick to point out at the beginning of his press conference , that during this 2nd quarter of this year, homicides has spiked up 25 percent over this this quarter last year.

During an EXCLUSIVE “1-on-1” with Chief Crump by Talk of the Town’s Tom Pace, he gave the exact numbers of officers in the department.

SPD is allocated 580 at maximum strength, currently now stands at 536.

On a daily basis, Chief Cump  said there are 287 uniformed patrol; another 100 support officers including CRU, lieutenants, captains, sergeants, shift commanders, CLO’s, traffic control, downtown  all available if and when needed.

Crump went on to say they started another class of 33 recruits in training, who if they pass all tests and qualify, will begin service about November of 2019.

The chief went on to praise the work of his officers, investigators and staff, as well as the cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. Thanking the public as well.

As he also noted, starting this Thursday, July 26th at the David Raines Center, there will be a total of 7 weekly meetings by the SPD at other Community Centers across Shreveport, where they listen to citizens’ concerns.