Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator on ALPR System 4-1-08

Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator has more eyes watching you, literally.  Four more eyes, specifically, of infra-red cameras, mounted on the light bar of a parish patrol car.  The Sheriff held a news conference this Tuesday morning, April 1st, 2008, unveiling this latest $30 thousand dollar crime fighting tool, donated by the Kennedy Family at Red Ball Oxygen of Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Listen as Sheriff Prator talks to reports about how “The Silent Partner” “automatic license plate recognition” system (ALPR) works, how it’s initial purpose is to capture thousands of license-plate images during each patrol shift, helping to  identify and recover stolen vehicles.

The ALPR System is already working, said Caddo Parish Steve Prator, and besides stolen cars, it can also be checked against other databases, including those that hold felony warrantes, sex offender registration, or Amber Alerts.  

Gov. Bobby Jindal with Tom Pace One-on-One 3-25-08

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke with Tom Pace, Executive Editor of “Talk of the Town” following the Governor’s Press Conference at Bossier Parish Community College on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008.

In a One-on-One interview for the “Talk of the Town”,  Jindal told Pace about his Workforce Development Plan for the State of Louisiana.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Press Conference at BPCC 3-25-08

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke at Bossier Parish Community College March 25, 2008.

BPCC Chancellor Tom Carleton introduced Gov. Jindal, interrupting a live television broadcast from the Campus TV station. 

Jindal addressed the media, along with a group of local business leaders, goverment officials, and members of the NW Louisiana delegation to Baton Rouge.

The topic of Jindal’s Press Conference: His Comprehensive Workforce Redesign Package to be introduced during the Regular Session of the Legislature, beginning Monday, March 31st.

Jindal Says Reforming the present Workforce System is Key to a New Louisiana. 

Tom Pace from the Talk of the Town was present, and here is Jindal’s speech in its entirity.

Dr. Todd Thoma Interview with Tom Pace on Becoming New Caddo Coroner 3-24-08

Dr. Todd Thoma was sworn-in today at noon (Monday, March 24th, 2008) as the new Caddo Parish Coroner.  In an interview with Tom Pace from The Talk of the Town.

Thoma spoke candidly with Pace about making good on all his campaign promises – Number 1 being that autopsies will be conducted here in Shreveport at LSU Med Center, instead of being shipped to Little Rock, Arkansas, as were previously done by former Coroner Dr. Marius McFarland. 

Thomas also listed the other accomplishments going into effect on his first day on the job.

Charles Scott Announces Candidacy for Caddo D.A. 3-20-08

“Talk of the Town with Tom Pace” attended the press conference today in Shreveport, Louisiana as Charles Scott formally announced he’s a candidate for Caddo District Attorney.

“I’ve done a good job for you as a district judge, I’ll do a good job for you as a district attorney,” so said former chief judge Charles Rex Scott today as he announced his candidacy for Caddo D.A.  Standing on the steps of the south side of the Caddo Courthouse, under a beautiful blue sky, Scott made his run for the D.A.’s office official at 1pm, this Wednesday, March 20th.

He was accompanied by his wife Alexis, Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, and introduced by longtime friend Ben Politz.  Scott is seeking to replace current Caddo D.A. Paul Carmouche who is stepping down at the end of 2008.

In his speech today, Scott emphasized his experience, serving the past 27 years as a judge in the First Juduicial District, with the past five years as Caddo’s Chief District Judge.

Gov. Bobby Jindal interview with Media & Talk of the Town at BPCC on March 20th, 2008

Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke with reporters including Tom Pace from “The Talk of the Town” Wednesday morning, March 20th, 2008 following his “open press conference” at Bossier Parish Community College. 

Jindal applauded the legislators on their victories in the second special session of the legislature that recently ended last Friday, March 14th.

Dr. Ravish Patwardhan on “Talk of the Town with Tom Pace” :

Founder of the Comprehensive Neurosurgery Network, in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Ravish Patwardhan, talks One-on-One in an Exclusive Interview with Tom Pace, Radio Talk Show host, and Executive Editor of www.ShreveTalk.com on the “Talk of the Town”, 

During this most-enlightening, 20 minute interview, Dr. Patwradharn explains the latest technology in the treatment of seizures, back pain, spinal cord issues, and brain surgery. This is truly a “must hear” conversation: because, “It really is, BRAIN SURGERY”.

Tom Pace with David Joy, Chief Market Strategist for RiverSource Investments on Talk of the Town

Chief Market Strategist for Riversource Investments, David Joy, stopped by “The Talk of the Town with Tom Pace” for an interview on the recession fears many Americans are experiencing.  Joy is also the Chairman of the Capital Markets Committee, that oversees nearly a $500 Billion in asset management.

Today marked a major move by the Fed, as it is infusing some $200 billion into the U.S, economy with this money being available for loans to banks and lending institutions to help loosen tight credit markets.

Joy spoke with Tom Pace about his predictions for a recession “…there’s probably one looming in the future,” he said…and what investors should do with their money now.

Caddo Judge Scott Crichton, with Tom Pace: Part 2 of

Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton speaks with Tom Pace on “The Talk of the Town” about the success of his Teen Crime-Prevention Program, titled “Don’t Let This Be You.” 

Judge Crichton, along with Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator, and Caddo Assistant District Attorney Ron Stamps present this crime prevention program, FREE of Charge, at the Caddo Correctional Center on a monthly basis. 

Designed for Teens 13 and older, to be accompanied by their parents. To register, call Andrea Samuel at the Caddo Sheriff’s Training Academy at 318-681-0735.  (Dates and Times to be announced)

Judge Scott Crichton with Tom Pace: Part 1 of “Don’t Let This Be You” Teen Program

Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton sat down with Tom Pace, Executive Editor & Publisher for “The Talk of the Town” on www.ShreveTalk.com for a One-on-One introduction to the Judge’s Community Service Project “Don’t Let This Be You”

Presented on a monthly basis, the program is designed to educate the teens of our community about the legal system, and how, even as teenagers, they can suffer major consequences for their misdeeds.

Listen, in Part 1,of  “Don’t Let This Be You”, as Judge Crichton sets the stage for a more compelling, lengthy interview. Part 2, next week.