New L.E.N.S.S. app could help save officers’ lives: Tom Pace Special Report with co-founder Bob Fortune 5-9-16

Described by co-founder Bob Fortune as like, “yet another bullet-proof vest” to help protect law enforcement officers and first-responders lives: the newly developed and patented software app known as “LENSS” could soon be a world-wide tool in helping officers know “in real-time” just what dangers their traffic stop or dispatched call might present.

During this 27-minute interview, Fortune, a former FBI agent, explained to “Talk of the Town” radio host Tom Pace just how this app works, and how it has potentially “life-saving” capabilities.

Under the development of their parent company, Perceptive Intelligence, the app’s full name “Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution” has the potential of going world-wide, helping all-law enforcement agencies cut thru jurisdictional lines of red-tape.

Just imagine multiple international agencies being able to share valuable information in a “real-time” basis, when literally seconds count in combating a volatile crisis.

For more information, log on to www.perceptiveintelligence,com.